Classic Revival Garage

Experience the Difference of Our Classic and Muscle Car Restoration Services

Classic Revival Garage is a specialized garage in the Antique Restoration Services and repair services of American cars. The service offered by the team Classic Revival Garage Workshop ensures quality work "museum", "exposure" or "road" to your requirements and your budget. Our experts offer another life to cars, sometimes, seems like a miracle. The entire team, themselves passionate about vintage cars, we specialize in Vintage Car Restoration services to offers the results live up to its reputation. Our network of contacts can provide references upholstery, chrome plating, nickel plating, etc. The slogan that made us famous is the impeccable quality of our work. We will go as far as you want in the details of restoring your vehicle to make your project become your favorite.

Your vehicle is entitled to our special treatment (removal, scraping, sanding, polishing, painting, assembly, cleaning, etc.) while respecting the ethics of automotive restoration as brands and years. The Classic Revival Garage is proud to present the awards that testify professionalism and attention to detail of our team and everyone involved in each project.

With years of experience we have now skills that are considered second to none. Our customers use the expertise and time again because of our commitment for providing the services at the highest level of quality. We will pick up your vehicle at your office or residence. When work is completed, we reduce the vehicle. And your work day goes by without stress or loss of time outdoors.